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Each eLearning project is unique, but they all have one thing in common: Plum’s unwavering commitment to providing learners with the best learning experience possible.

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Plum's Solution
Training Needs Analysis
You have a training need, and you believe eLearning is the solution, or maybe you’re not sure.
Plum will help you identify the business problem you’re trying to solve, and evaluate how effective eLearning can be in addressing the problem.
Convert to eLearning
You have content and/or interactions in another format, such as a presentation deck or an instructor-led training, and you want to create eLearning to scale delivery.
Plum will help you check your assumptions about the existing material’s scope and effectiveness, and then create meaningful and engaging interactions for your eLearning course.
Convert to Virtual Classroom
You require an instructor to lead training for onboarding or skill development, and must now adjust to meet the needs of a remote workforce.
Plum can help you design surprisingly engaging virtual instructor-led training. Caution: participants may never want to go back to traditional classroom training!
Rebuild Existing Training or Develop from Storyboards
You have an existing eLearning that needs updating, but do not have access to the source files and/or tools used to author the course, or you have completed storyboards and need authoring only.
Plum will rebuild the course based on your existing build or storyboard specifications, using any popular eLearning authoring tool or native HTML. Source files are yours to keep with any Plum build!
Universal Design
You have an existing eLearning course that you’re generally happy with, but it isn’t fully accessible for learners with disabilities.
Plum will help you design and build a course that meets Section 508/WCAG standards and optionally provide specialized usability testing.
Course Refresh
You have an existing eLearning course that you’re generally happy with, but needs updating due to recent changes in your organization, team, or processes (or it’s just gotten stale).
Plum will help you identify the areas of your existing course that need refreshing, and then implement the changes in your existing build, or rebuild using the latest technology.
Course Redesign
You have an existing eLearning course that you’re generally happy with, but it just doesn’t look as polished and professional as you want it to, or your brand guidelines have changed.
Plum will create fresh new designs for your course, whether you have strict brand guidelines or want each course to have its own unique look and feel. We can provide you with mockups and design specs, or implement the design into your courseware.
“The Works”
You have a training need, you’ve determined that eLearning is the solution, and that’s as far as you’ve gotten!
Plum will use our proven design and development process to create the best eLearning your learners have ever seen, and we’ll guide you through every step of the way!


You may be wondering, “How much will my project cost?” Since there are so many variables in any elearning project, the answer is always: “It depends…”
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