All About Plum eLearning

The Plum eLearning team enjoys long-term partnerships with our clients. The first step in any great relationship is to get to know one another.

A Brief History of Plum

We haven’t always been Plum eLearning, but we’ve always been Plum good at it!

The idea 1999

Frustrated by the time required to create interactive courses with scripting, Rob Penn founds Suddenly Smart to make Flash eLearning development faster and easier.

Lift off 2002

With backing from three Fortune 100 clients, Suddenly Smart launches the SmartBuilder authoring tool, which features rich templates for eLearning development.

Scotty, we need more power! 2007

The SmartBuilder v3 update features a new object-based authoring system, adding power and flexibility to create more meaningful interactivity.

Beyond tools2011

SmartBuilder Consulting Services is formed to help clients who want to create performance-focused eLearning but lack the resources or expertise to develop it in-house.

HTML5 replaces Flash 2014

SmartBuilder Consulting Services begins offering HTML5 solutions using both SmartBuilder’s HTML5 converter and native HTML authoring. While technology changes, our focus on performance remains a constant.

And the winner is... 2017

With its innovative action blocks and direct HTML5 publishing, SmartBuilder v4 captures a Brandon Hall gold award for Best Advance in Content Authoring Technology.

Plum eLearning takes flight 2019

To better represent our wide range of tools and solutions, SmartBuilder Consulting Services is re-branded with its own identity. The SmartBuilder family is proud to introduce: Plum eLearning!

Some of Plum's Clients

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Your Dedicated Plum Team

Each Plum team member brings a unique and specialized set of skills to your project, and we all work together to make sure you are delighted with your eLearning.

Your Plum Project Manager

Tracks every detail to ensure that each deliverable meets requirements and that the project stays on time and on budget

Shall we get to know each other?

“You had me at hello.”

Jerry Maguire